Our Story

Lucas is a happy, affectionate, smart and beautiful little boy. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder shortly after his second birthday. We have been on a beautiful ride since then!

Lucas is currently considered non-verbal.

Although we have struggled in many ways since receiving his diagnosis, Lucas makes us smile every day, inspires and motivates us to be better people and parents and has made us stronger than we ever thought possible.  We give thanks every day that we were chosen to be his parents.  We are truly the lucky ones!

Since his diagnosis, we have been focusing on finding the right place for him where he can thrive and we are continuously working on building our village of people who help us, who are there for us, who build us up and support us through the tough times and who share in our joy through the happy times. At home, his tribe consists of mom and dad, his older sister and baby brother. This is a glimpse into our beautiful and busy life with autism!