The Road Ahead

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People always ask me how Lucas is doing, and if he’s doing “better”. I guess the answer is that yes there is usually progress, albeit in our world progress is slow and not always steady. He has improved in many areas since starting therapy two years ago, and we are so thankful for that, he has worked so very hard just to get to where he is today. And yet, we still have a long way to go.

What I’ve learned about autism is that although there may be progress, there are constantly new issues emerging which need to be addressed. This isn’t a straight road we are travelling on, it comes with set backs, obstacles, detours, etc. So the answer to the question usually depends on where we find ourselves at that exact moment in time.

There are also so many things we are working on at any given time. Speech and communication, socialization, appropriate play, fine motor, gross motor, behaviors. Each one with many distinct and separate skills that we hope are learned and mastered. Sometimes it feels like we are working on everything. Probably because we ARE indeed working on everything. So is he doing “better”? For sure in some areas he is, others are still very much a work in progress.

We seem to be in a good place right now, although I probably just jinxed us by saying that! At least some things seem to be falling into place. We have our services more or less figured out (for now) and Lucas is starting an inclusion pre-k program next month (yay!). But that is not to say we aren’t struggling in other areas. And once we figure those out, IF we figure those out, we’ll move on to the next thing on the road. Because there is always a next thing.

And by the way, even though it may be a hard and complicated question to answer, please don’t stop asking me how Lucas is doing, don’t ever stop asking.

2 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

  1. Hija, el camino es dificil y pesado, y Ustedes han sido fuertes y perseverantes, haciendo todo lo posible para facilitarle a Luquis todos los medios de progreso. Lucas trabaja permanente e incansablemente, con mucho amor y dulzura, seguro que va a alcanzar muchas metas. Siempre estaremos ahi, con nuestro amor apoyándolos en el camino.

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    1. NanaPata te admiro, eres una mujer muy fuerte y se que sale del amor de mamá,,, Lucas estará mejor con todo el trabajo que hacen como familia y con la ayuda de Dios, están siempre en mis oraciones y sabes qué cuentas con nosotros..los amamos

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