Moving Forward

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I was really hoping I could get this page going for autism awareness month, but there was just too much going on and I lost momentum. But, I did do a lot of thinking. This was our second autism awareness month with a diagnosis. But it was much different than the first. I have learned a lot in the last year about the divides in the autism community. And it is never so evident nor so confusing as it is during autism awareness month. I questioned myself a lot. But ultimately, I am just trying to figure this out, and do what’s best by my kids and my family. I may mess up or some may not agree with me, but I’m going to keep doing me. What this community really needs is to stick together!

I have also been figuring out what I want out of this page, and how I want to tell our story. So many parts of this journey are hard. It can be so heartbreaking to see our children struggle. And I absolutely want to talk about the hard parts, but I don’t want that to be the theme of this page. That is not how I want to tell our story. I want to educate and be positive and provide hope. And I realized while pondering all of this, that it was all just a metaphor for my own journey. I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions these past two years. And I’ve been down a lot. I’ve mourned. At times, I’ve been paralyzed by fear of the unknown. But our story is not a sad story, it’s not a tragedy. And there is beauty in it. Yes, some parts are tough. But this is our life and we must make the best of it. We must change our perspective to persevere. So, moving forward, I’m going to try to see the bright side a little more and hopefully share that with you. And in the moments I lose sight of that, I am human after all, you all will be here to remind me of that!

4 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. You were all along prepared before you even knew it. Your motherly instincts put you through a path that led you to this day in time and now we are part of your journey. You’ve shown all of us that through love anything is possible and that will get you through the hardest of moments. Thank you for sharing #Living La Vida Lucas with the world

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