Why I Chose to Write

Photo by rovenimages.com on Pexels.com

I have been thinking of writing about our journey since before Lucas’ diagnosis. There are so many emotions that go into parenting a child that is not developing typically. Looking back at the beginning, when I first started to worry about Lucas, what I mostly felt was fear. I obsessed about everything he did or didn’t do, and would try to talk to those around me about it. But no one really saw what I saw at that point, and it was a very lonely place. I wanted to write for myself mostly to process my feelings and my emotions. Writing things out is cathartic and I needed an outlet for these thoughts and worries that were consuming me, eating me up alive.

Then, as we began to come to terms with the diagnosis, I wanted to write openly for anyone willing to listen. So I decided to start this blog to tell our story. A story that is different and yet so similar to many others. I wanted those who know me to hear it from me, in my own words. Because I am not the same person I was before my son’s diagnosis. I am forever changed by this experience.

I hope that other parents going through something similar with their children can relate to my writing and connect by sharing in the joys and challenges of raising a child with a disability. And for those that will never understand what we are going through, but want to learn more about it, I hope that by opening up our lives we can raise awareness and greater acceptance for our children.

But now, I mostly want to write for him. For my son Lucas. Because he is the center of my universe and I want the world to know how hard he works, how proud we are of him, and how loved, and beautiful and special he is.

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